Best Features

Writrix is a creative writing social network app for readers and writers alike. Here are some of the key features that this app includes

Creative Design

The app has a unique and easy to use interface with smooth transitions between screens

Write & Collaborate

The app allows users to write their story and also invite other users to jointly write along!

Sell Your Work

Get noticed for your writing skills and have an opportunity to sell your work online!

How It Works?

After signing up for free you can explore our vast library and keep up to date with your favorite authors. When you are ready to write a book or a University project on any subject or genre, you can invite your friends to write along with you and place bids or the set ink price at your own request.

About Writrix App

Writrix allows you to write a book with unlimited friends or even with your favorite author and also, publish your work online.
You can start a book and invite friends from around the world to write it with you. When you are happy with the Final Cut publish it directly on the app. Simple as that!

Keep up-to-date with all your friends writings whether it be poetry, tips and tricks on en-garnering or your favorite news paper or magazine.

This app will give writers the opportunity to get noticed for the works and skills and provided them with the out let to sell there work.

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