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Zencart Web Development

ZenCart Development Company India

What is ZenCart?

Zen Cart is a widely known online store management system. It is an open source PHP based platform that uses MYSQL database and HTML components. One of the most important reasons why people love Zencart is because Zencart Support is provided for numerous languages and currencies and it is free.

You don’t need to have HTML knowledge to maintain a ZenCart based online store. With ZenCart, all products can be managed easily with multiple attributes that could be added as radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, and more.

The store layout of a ZenCart platform can be easily controlled from the admin area by using the simple settings. This is a rare platform that supports multiple payment methods and provides flexible coupon as well as discount functionality and tax options. Furthermore, ZenCart has advanced SEO functions and search functionalities for the users.

Important Features of ZenCart Web Development:

Freely Customizable: ZenCart is a free open source platform. This means you are free to modify the source code in whatever methods you want.

  • Easy Integration with Payment Gateway:

ZenCart has many popular payment gateways built-in. This enables you to start accepting payment immediately. If you want to integrate a customized payment module, there are hundreds of payment modules to select from in ZenCart.

  • Works With Any Hosting Company:

ZenCart works with any hosting service you prefer and will run on any servers.

  • Less Time Consuming:

ZenCart is less time consuming. It is ready to run immediately. You can start accepting payments immediately once you set up the platform.

ZenCart Management at Weavers Web:

Weavers Web is a leading Zencart web development company in India that offers customized ZenCart solutions to the clients across the globe. With our unique ZenCart development team, we offer the most friendly online store management facility. It is ideal for a newbie who wants to start from the very beginning in terms of hosting, installation, and basics to store management.

ZenCart Hosting: There is no heavy hosting requirement and many hosts can decently service this software at least in the initial stages of your store.

ZenCart Installation:  Weavers Web offers the simple installation of ZenCart. We have the expertise and tools that are required to auto-install ZenCart for our clients in just a few seconds. In case you don’t want to use our service, we may also offer you our step-by-step guide to install it on your own.

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