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Why Responsive Design is a Must for Any Website!

responsive design

Responsive website design is a becoming quite popular these days. Almost 90% of users check websites from their mobile. Hence it is clear how vital it is to have a responsive design for your website. There are certain challenges involved in the creation of a website that render on smart devices. There are a variety of devices and screen sizes, and all of these needs to be dealt with at the time of designing a responsive website.

responsive website design

Without proper knowledge and practice, working on a responsive website from a technical side can be quite a nightmare. There are a variety of ever changing scripts and coding frameworks, so unless you are an expert, things could get tough.

What Are The Reasons Behind Choosing Responsive Website Design?

If you have a business website and you want customers to be able to view it on a traditional desktop or laptop screen and smart device, then creating a responsive website is a must. It is a proven fact that general people are aware of the uses of smart phones and many of them prefer to browse websites on their mobile devices instead of laptop or desktop. Nowadays everyone enjoys web browsing on the go, when they are travelling or waiting for an appointment, standing in queue or even on the bed as well. To make it possible or assist them on browsing your website, you must need a website that is responsive for each and every device.

responsive website design and development

What Would Happen If I Don’t Have A Responsive Website?

The best answer to the above question would be, “You will be the ultimate loser!” You have to understand that today’s young generation and seniors too, prefer to use smart devices instead of sitting in front of their desktop. If you do not have a responsive website then you simply will lose potential customers and credibility. Each and every website should offer their level best to provide their users the best experience possible when they visit a website.

Just assume that your website is not responsive and someone is trying to access your website on their tablet or Smartphone. The content is so small to go through, images are not capable of scaling in the proper way, and half of the page is cut off from the screen, they need to scroll sideways to find your contact details. It will surely ruin their web browsing experience with your website or even with your business too. If your website will not function properly on small devices then customers may abandon your website in favor of one of your competitors who do have a responsive website. So, not only did you lose the customer, you even helped your competitor!

responsive design and development


RESPONSIVE implies a website being compatible for all resolutions. It is vital to have a website that changes with time and requirements of your users. These changes should happen in terms of designs and how people browse your website. A fully responsive website has the ability to grow your business awareness and credibility that you need to make your website fluid, smooth and functions well on varying mobile platforms. All web design professionals will agree to the fact that responsive web design is the present and future of web designing. So, to be in the competition and beat your competitors, it is best to have a mobile optimized website.


Posted on September 28, 2015 in responsive design and development, Web Design, Web Development

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