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Magento Web Development

Magento is an open source content management system for e-commerce websites. Magento was originally developed in the US. It is a leading CMS for e-commerce that has helped people to revolutionize online purchasing. At Weavers Web, we recommend Magento to every ecommerce client who wants to excel in the world of online business.

Why Magento is considered the Best E-Commerce Solution?

Magento has received acclaim all over the world for variety of reasons:

  • Flexible and Robust:

Magento is the most flexible platform for online industry and robust as an e-commerce solution. You can easily locate a Magento website development company for your needs.

  • Multi-Store capability:

With Magento, you can run a multi-store website. For example: if you have 10-20 online stores running, you can administer the same by using a single admin panel. This gives you enough pleasure to manage the orders as well as customers from one place instead of using various platforms. Things get easier with Magento website.

  • Guest Checkout Alternative:

Magento provides a guest checkout alternative to its users. This alternative helps you to separate your website from the crowd. There are many online stores that require customers to register before purchase. However, with Guest Checkout Alternative, you can save time and also help to retain the clients who might not like to register in the first place.

  • 100% Customizable:

Magento is a software that is 100% customizable and is backed by a strong support which ensures its continual growth. At any time, if you want to change the feel and look of your e-commerce website as well as the product catalog or description, or the way how products are displayed, you can do the same by using the extensions available at the Magento connect store.

  • SEO Friendly:

Another important feature that makes Magento preferable to most customers is SEO friendliness.  With Magento, you can handle various SEO elements in your website, for e.g. meta-tags, meta description, sitemap, robots and others. These features improve the online visibility of your website.

Magento Development at Weavers Web:

Weavers Web is a leading Magento Website Development Company in India. Our certified Magento Developers are our asset who guides our team. We help each Magento website to be fully optimized for efficiency and durability. We are developing Magento websites for years and we pride ourselves in designing quality Magento platforms and extensions.

We have a dedicated Magento Support team that helps our clients by protecting their online stores by continuously monitoring their store and site improvements. From implementing new features to fixing any existing bugs, we provide a complete Magento Development solution to our clientele.

We have the most experienced and certified Magento developers who are capable of building reliable extensions and Magento websites that increase business productivity and revenue. At Weavers Web, we work hand in hand with retailers, brands, manufacturers, and other industries to improve their online shopping experience. We can help our clients to offer Magento Development solution for any e-commerce platform and provide our customers with solutions and services to help grow their business.

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