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Machine Learning – The Advanced Way That Make Changes in SEO

machine learning

After changing the way of SEO, all online marketers are busy in working on link profiles, canonicalization, robots.txt, meta tags, H1 optimization and a lots of work that fulfill the requirement. While performing these, they are experiencing a key modification in the industry. Though it would not show up on MOZ’s algorithm tracker, influence the search rankings, and may not make any headlines like the other important changes. However, it is enough to create a gigantic and mysterious force that is able to make a change in SEO. It is known as MACHINE LANGUAGE.


It is the science of self-performing (better termed as self-programming) computer. It is a kind of science that assist computers to act according to our requirement, and this should be done without being overtly programmed.

Creation of a self-programming computer requires a lot of programming. One should design the computer and its application for the ultimate change and adaptability. As a developer, you should develop the application in such a way that it can respond more than the intentional input.


There are different niche and sub-niches of computer science and marketing that does not seem to have much to do with SEO. Machine Learning is something like that. However, we knew that SEO openly resist the boundaries. These boundaries include the realm of Keyword staffing, Global Headlines News, industry disrupting trends and more. SEO practices is accessible to anyone and can present everywhere at the same time.

This new technique of machine learning has already changed the behavior of SEO in a massive and irreversible ways. Right now, it is the third most important factor in Google’s Algorithm. RankBrain is another algorithmic learning system of Google that modify queries based on explanation instead of direct input. It is as same as Hummingbird but more adaptive than it.


Machine learning has been hidden in the background of SEO for a long time. Now we are finally seeing it growing into a larger and more explicit force. Only for this, search engine optimization has experienced enormous changes in the past few years. However, may be the changes due to machine learning will be happen on an adaptive basis.


 The most important point of this machine learning is establishing a human reign. This change is going to tempt to see some artificial intelligence as some massive force that will develop a mind of its own and crush the civilization under its electronic dominion.

This learning system is known as MACHINE LEARNING, as the machines learn from the human’s behavior instead of only abstract environmental forces. In depth, the RANKBRAIN is constantly learning from the massive influx of searches input by humans.


  • User experience designers and information architects will be going to help you in your working.
  • You have to use the conduct user testing on application interfaces and websites.
  • You have to work hard to create contents that are engaging as well.
  • You have to track your user interaction with your website. You should tweak this tracking report for optimal experience.


Machine learning is going to be a powerful force in SEO and it is only going to get bigger day by day. It has been proven by the Google that, it is ruling and will rule the coming changes to the algorithm as well. You just have to understand that people are the most important factor in search, so whatever we are doing, should focus them and be able to connect deeply with them.

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Posted on January 21, 2016 in Google’s Algorithm update, SEO

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