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Do Research and Apply Sense to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

website conversion rate

Are you worried about your website? Does your website start lagging and the conversion rates starts falling? There are many people, who resort to social media marketing and SEO in a bid to increase the conversion rate and reap better results. But this is often not the best practices to make. It can make your conversion rate fall as well.

So, the very first question that should be racing through your mind is “How will you be directing traffic to your website that will affect it adversely and bring down the conversion rate?” The conversion rate is a number of visitor who take a desirable action on your website, such as subscribing your newsletter, buying your products and more, divided by the total number of people who visit your website.

If you direct people to your website and they do not turn into customers, then you are investing in a waste of money. In fact, if they leave your website without investing a quality time, then your bounce rates will go down further.

For increasing your website’s conversion rates, try to maximize the profit by planning a strong internet marketing strategy. Don’t just concentrate on spending money, there are many more simple steps that you have to follow. All of them will help you to increase your conversion rates as well.

  • At the very first place, you have to sketch down your targeted audience, you have to find out who they are and what they like, how you can attract them and can changed them to loyal visitors.
  • You can use your Google Analytics to analyze your website traffic and observe your past performances to get the clear idea on your market.
  • The best part of the process is the creation of a landing page. Try to create unique landing pages that are keywords specific and are capable of reflecting your business accurately. You can prefer to break up your PPC keywords into different groups to create separate landing pages for them.
  • The most effective way of absorbing traffic to your website is, provide useful contents to the visitors as it has proved that the internet users generally look out for quality information on net while they are browsing websites and different search engines.
  • If you concentrating in PPC campaign then you have to think about the pricing part. It is really very important to test your pricing. You should find out the optimal one. It can make a huge difference in conversion as well.
  • One technical tips. Always try to concentrate on the loading time of your website. A lengthy loading time can make a negative effect on the bounce rate of your website too. At the very first place you have to measure your websites loading time and if possible then try to reduce it as much as you can. You can prefer removing repetitive items, compressing large images, optimizing your style sheets and if possible then optimize your HTML codes as well.
  • Do you offer any services or sell any products? Then you have to keep your sales path(s) simple and make it in such a way that anyone can easily navigate it. You should prefer making the navigation from different paths to a sale point smooth. You have to understand the basic fact of online business and that is, “The less confusing sales process and the lesser resistance will bring more customer towards your website.”
  • You can also prefer adding the customer’s testimonials to different sales pages, landing pages, and even on the products pages. Positive testimonials have the real ability to increase any websites conversion rates.
  • A very interesting but challenging task that you can prefer is thinking like a customer or consumer. You need to think like them to understand their experiences with your website. If you own an e-commerce website then just place an order on your own website, and they try to identify the technical faults, the things that are making the normal users confuse and omitted modules that you feel might act as interruptions to your website’s conversion rates.With these methods, you can also understand your competitor.
  • The basic goal is to reduce customer resistance. You can try anything positive that are proficient of dropping these conflict. You can use different types of media on landing pages, sales pages and order pages, but it also depends on your website too.

As far I know, each and every business owner, professional or amateur or just a blogger needs good traffic and high conversion rates. For that, follow any website SEO tips, it can be helpful for those who are looking for the increased ROI. For better understanding, you have to regularly chart your online movement and analyze it to evaluate your involvement in the market. Make ongoing refinements to your online presence by adding personal creativity as per your company’s needs and requirements. If everything go positive, then you will surprise to see the improved conversion rate.


Posted on October 5, 2015 in Google Analytics, SEO, social media optimization, Web Design, Web Development

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