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Archive for: March, 2016

Design an Ecommerce Site to Maximize Sales

What to Consider at the Time of Designing an eCommerce Website?

There are lots of eCommerce websites that offer exciting products for those people who are fond of shopping. But sometimes it becomes really hard to connect them to show what you actually offer in your websites. If your online store is not generating the amount of sales that you want or at least you expect,…

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hire php developer

Know the Steps to Hire the Best PHP Developer

If you are doing or planning an online business, then a web developer is the person who will play the most important part. He will convert your thoughts into reality. So, always hire a PHP developer, who has the perfect knowledge on how to execute your plan and offer you the best outcome.   Know…

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ecommerce website design for Mobile

How to Win the Mind of Smart Phone Users by Designing an Ecommerce Website for Mobile

Smart phone, an advanced portable innovation contains various components that have diminished every day exercises done by people around the world. We can conclude that the use of desktops and laptops have been reduced when the innovation of these smartphones took place. There are lots of people want to use their smartphones for browsing web.…

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Google Analytics 360 Suite

Google Analytics 360 Suite: A New Dimension for the Enterprise Marketers

All the time Google tries their best to upgrade their algorithms that directly or indirectly influence the search results. According to them, today’s people have distorted the way of browsing, or in fact the way of searching. Depending on that, Google tries to redefine their algorithms or re-create strategies almost every week. Now, it is…

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Why Should Business Owners Go For the Shopify Web Development Company?

Shopify is a leading e-business solution containing all the required components and tools in a comprehensive manner. Building up a fruitful online business store is not just moved by astounding appearance and browsing simplicity of the store, it needs a ceaseless approach of the designer or developer having a determination of making the store all…

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What Will Be The Effects Of Discontinuing The Public View Of PageRank Scores?

If you are a SEO specialist then you should have know about the Google’s PageRank Scoring. It has been released in 2000, and at that time it seemed the most important aspects for getting a higher position in Google Search Results. The basic concept was to take web pages and rank them on a scale…

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Freelance Web Designer or a Web Design Agency: What’s Your Choice?

When it comes to design a website, most of the owners or the clients got puzzles. They can’t figure out what will work as a better alternative for their project. Though there are some significant differences, but the solution comes depending on your own needs. You have to understand your requirements to understand who will…

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B2B seo vs B2C seo

Do You Follow The Same Strategy For B2B And B2C SEO? – Know the Difference to Make Your Strategies

Most of the SEO professionals use B2C SEO strategies for those websites or businesss that offer some products or services through an eCommerce Website. While on the other hand, B2B marketers recognize the power of search and many of them even look for the way to implement the best and effective strategy as well. But,…

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Think Something Different To Make Your Next LOCAL SEO Strategy

There are many companies that totally depend on the local customers and if you find your name in that list then you have to prefer LOCAL SEO. To focus on LOCAL MARKET, this is the best and most effective practices for your business. According to the specialists and professionals, it is a subset of SEARCH…

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New Adwords Update

Google’s New Ad Layout: What Are the Changes and Why We Should Bother?

If you are online marketers then you should agree with me that, GOOGLE can now use the word CHANGE as of its synonym. Nothing should surprise us, as Google modify its algorithm often. But, on last February 19, 2016, they just make us surprise by announcing of a major layout change to the desktop version…

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