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Archive for: December, 2015

Google for India – The Journey from Past to Future

It’s been 11 years since Google search has been introduced to masses in India. Since the very first day of Google’s journey, lot of measures have been taken to make it adaptable. Google has introduced so many features to make their products more useful and relevant for all Indians. As an example, we can easily…

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wordpress web development

Are You Looking For Reasons To Choose WordPress? Here It Is!

. weavers
prestashop web development

The Benefits You Can Get From Prestashop Development Service

With so many online stores on the rise, it just gets difficult to keep the common user glued to your store rather than opting for your rival’s store. So, how will you tackle this problem? What can you do to keep your audience engaged? Try getting a new look for your online store. The design…

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web design trends

Web Design Trends For 2016 – As Predicted by Weavers Web

We are in a dynamic world where all of us are in a motion. All the things related to us also keep that motion to stay in tune with us. Being a business owner or an entrepreneur, you will also need to be in that motion, otherwise, your competitors can beat you at any time…

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The Journey of SEO

The journey of SEO from Weavers Web Solutions Private Limited. weavers
SEO friendly web design

What Is Needed To Design An SEO Friendly Website

There are many designers, who assume that designing an SEO friendly website is a very easy task, but if you are learning to design an excellent website that needs to be optimized for the search engines, you will understand that it is not as easy as it seems. Designing an SEO optimized website requires a…

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MAGENTO 2.0 – A Great Release: But Is It Still Significant?

Magento took a long time to release its next version, but finally it has been released. Though, it is right that it will take another year before merchants are generally able to use the new ecommerce software. It is really great news, but as a web developer we should asked ourselves if Magento is not…

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